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Bernardo Silva admits City gave up too soon in the Premier League race

Bernardo Silva, Manchester City, Premier League
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City winger Bernardo Silva has admitted that his side “gave up” chasing the Premier League way too early this season.

Bernardo Silva has admitted his side gave up too soon and already conceded defeat to Liverpool.

Having won two consecutive titles under Guardiola, City have dropped below their usual standards this season.

Last season, the Manchester City outfit saw off a stubborn Liverpool to win the league but the case is not the same this time around.

Three draws and six defeats have allowed a relentless Liverpool side to open up a 22-point lead at the top of the table.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Bernardo Silva opened up on how difficult his side have found it to keep pace with Liverpool this season.

“I think we got to a point one month ago where we gave up a bit too soon and that’s why we’re twenty-something points behind now. We shouldn’t have done that and it was not on purpose.”

Bernardo further claimed his side already accepted defeat and it affected their form.

“It was in our head, everyone was disappointed to be already ten or 15 points behind and our heads went a bit down.

“It’s difficult because we’re a team used to winning and last season we won everything in England.

“It hurts a lot because when you start a new season you always want to go for the Premier League.”