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Best bookies to place your bets in 2022

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The term bookie is no longer associated with shady businessmen and it is still one of the ways you can place bets in 2022.

Bookies on sites ensure that you make correct predictions and will help you make more from the money you placed on these bets. One of the things you will realize with sites that offer bookies is they all come with different features. Knowing these features ensures that you make the best choice on the casinos you plan on playing on.

Best bookies in 2022

Before we look at the features these bookies should have, let us first look at the sites that offer the best services in terms of bookies. Here are our top picks:

  • Bet 365
  • Paddy power
  • Melbet
  • Betwinner
  • Boyle sports

Even though this list is not conclusive, it contains the top sites that offer the best bet options. To help you settle on one, here are a couple of things you need to look at when choosing a bookie.

Their bonus

It should go without saying, but a site’s bonus will determine whether it is worth the trouble or not. Aside from the bonus amount, one other thing you need to ensure you do when it comes to these bonuses is to figure out the requirements for you to access them. If you have to spend so much money before earning a bonus, it is not worth it. Do your research and figure out if you can work with this.

The games available

While most sites offer so many bonuses, they often have different games. Based on the game you want to play, you will either pick a site or go for another. Take your time and scroll through their games and figure out whether these are games you would want to play or whether you want to change to play something else. If a site does not have enough games on it, then chances are you will not have fun when you sign up on the site.

Ease of use

Even though most sites try to be as simple as possible, they have a complex user interface. Such sites will make it difficult for you to move around and even place a bet in the first place. A good site needs to make sense to you at first glance. You cannot figure out what the entire site is talking about, and you might not get to use it.

Live games

While betting on games before they play is great, nothing beats the thrill of betting on games that have already commenced. It is often a race trying to figure out how a game will end based on what you have seen so far. While this might not be available for most sites, it is a huge plus if you can get that with your site. The paddy power casino review shows that you can bet on a live game, which adds to the thrill of the entire game. That way, you at connected to the game even if you joined in later one.

Betting amount

Most great casino sites are not used because of the money needed to bet in a single game. Getting a casino that charges a lot of money on their sites to bet will mean you get to spend outrageous money on a single bet, which will be a huge blow if the results are not what you predicted. Check the different rates on the different sites and see if you can afford them. They will ensure you have fun without breaking the bank.

The payout rate

Nothing draws you in better than instant payouts on a site. The feature allows you to access your money less than 24 hours after your bet came through. While not all sites offer this method of pay, many of them are slowly embracing it. Such a site will build your trust in them and allow you to play without an issue. Figure out what their payout rate is before you sign up. That way, you will not have to stay for days on end before you figure out whether the site will send in your winnings or not.

Bookies are a great way for you to make money out of your love for a sport. Since there are so many of them in the market, sometimes it gets to a point where you feel like you do not know which one to choose. With the pointers above, you can make the right choice of betting options and have fun while using them. Take your time and sift through the top picks to see which one tickles your fancy. It will make casino betting a fun thing that you look forward to each time.