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Best scorer of the decade in Serie A? You’ll never guess

Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus, Italy, Serie A
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Serie A saw a lot of improvement over the years as it recovered from the mid-00s crisis and is now back among the top European leagues.

Other than clubs with a rich history, Serie A is famous for its cult legends.

Many clubs have a legend who remained at the club despite having lucrative offers somewhere else.

Francesco Totti, Alessandro Del Piero, Antonio Di Natale are just some of the bunch.

However, the Italians are famous for their poaches – players who always know where to be on the pitch.

Such is the best scorer of the decade in Serie A – Udinese’s own Antonio Di Natale.

It’s truly an incredible feat, because – Di Natale was 32(!) years old at the start of the decade.

He played just four seasons since 2010, enough to cement himself as perhaps the club’s biggest legend.

Hats down to you mister Di Natale and we hope you enjoy your retirement!