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Betting on Ronaldo: Will he stay or go?

Cristiano Ronaldo & Andrea Pirlo - Juventus
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Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the greatest football players to ever play the game. While many argue whether the Portuguese superstar is better than Lionel Messi, others are just happy that they watched both players play at the highest level for many years. 

Although Ronaldo is not getting any younger, he is still an incredible talent, which is why it is not surprising that he is once again tipped to make a move to one of the world’s biggest football clubs. Although he has scored an incredible amount of goals for his current side Juventus, some of the fans and those involved in Italian football are hoping that he leaves the Turin side this year. Although it is unclear whether or not Ronaldo will pack his bags or stay in Italy, there are plenty of online casinos and betting sites offering odds on the clubs they predict will buy the Portuguese captain, and many punters all around the world are hoping to hit the jackpot!


The thought of Ronaldo playing alongside Neymar and Mbappe is mouthwatering for most football fans. The French side seems to have money to burn, so affording the superstars lucrative wages should not be an issue. 

Ronaldo has played in the Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian top divisions, however, has never had the opportunity to play in France. With his age, this could be his last chance. However, the French league is not as competitive as other leagues. Some of the teams in the league struggle financially and find it difficult to attract big names. Ronaldo might find playing in France week in week out easy in comparison to the previous teams he has come up against. However, winning a league that he is yet to compete in and playing with a top side in the Champions League might help convince Ronaldo. With the French side desperate to win the Champions League, it is not surprising that they are favorites to sign him. 

Inter Miami

Some betting sites claim that Inter Miami has a good chance of signing Ronaldo. For most football fans living in Europe, they would not be too pleased to see Manchester United’s former no.7 heading off to America. No longer would we get to see him play in the Champions League nor play in a domestic league in Europe. 

However, another one of Manchester United’s former players who also wore the famous no.7 jersey would be over the moon if he got the chance to play for Inter Miami. David Beckham recently bought the new MLS club and rumors have been going around the footballing world that he wants Ronaldo to sign for his side. 

While Ronaldo was at Manchester United he played alongside Phil Neville for years. Neville has recently taken over the manager’s role at Inter Miami, and rumors have been spreading in the football world that Ronaldo is top of his wishlist of signings. Then again, he is at the top of most managers’ wishlist!

Manchester United

After Ronaldo joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in 2003 as a teenager, it took him quite a bit of time to adapt to the English game. The winger found the high intensity and the physical side of the Premier League difficult, so the fans didn’t see what he was really about. Luckily for him, he was in good hands. Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager at United at the time took him under his wing and managed to make him both physically and mentally stronger. After a few seasons, it was obvious that the player had something special. He won plenty of silverware playing for the Red Devils, including a Champions League winners medal and the Ballon D’or in 2008. To this day the United faithful still sing songs about the Portuguese legend.  

Since the day Ronaldo left for Real Madrid from Manchester, it seems like there have been rumors that he was going to return to his former club. But would Ronaldo be a good signing for Manchester United? Of course, it would be great to see Ronaldo playing beside his Portuguese teammate Bruno Fernandes each week, and it would be nice to see him playing under his old teammate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but is he what United need at the moment?

With a young group of players playing some of the best football United has played since Ferguson left, would a signing like Ronaldo make sense

Manchester City

The other half of Manchester would be over the moon if Cristino Ronaldo was to join their club. Another Manchester United former superstar, Carlos Tevez made a controversial move to the blue side of Manchester and went on to win the league. That was a tough bullet for United fans to take, however, if Ronaldo was to join City, it’s impossible to explain how United fans would react. 

However, just like PSG, money isn’t an issue for City. They have spent an absolute fortune in recent years on making sure their team competed each year at the highest level. With Pep Guardiola managing the side and Sergio Aguero’s contract running out in the summer of 2021, who knows what will happen. 


It’s still very much unclear what will happen to Ronaldo this year. However, when Juventus got knocked out of the Champions League earlier on this season, it seemed like it was inevitable he was going to hit the road. At the end of the day, the whole reason Juventus invested so much money on Ronaldo was to bring the European Cup to Turin. 

Due to the pandemic, football teams have been hit hard financially. With empty stadiums for the majority of the season, clubs are not expected to spend the same amount of money as they have done in previous seasons, so don’t be too surprised if Ronaldo makes a shock move. At the age of 36, it doesn’t seem likely that a team will fork out over $100 million for the player, however he has taken very good care of himself. His agent claims Ronaldo will be competing at the highest level when he is over the age of 40. There are plenty of online bookies that allow people to bet on all different types of bets such as freispiele ohne einzahlung. The odds on Ronaldo’s next club seems to change frequently so the next transfer window could be very interesting.