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Boca Juniors accept Cagliari’s offer for Nahitan Nandez

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Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici confirmed they’ve accepted an offer for Nahitan Nandez from Cagliari, adding further speculation over Nicolo Barella’s reported move to Chelsea

23-year-old Nandez has been a key part of the Boca midfield since 2017 and is now being lined up to replace Barella at Cagliari, who is set to join Chelsea for £45m.

“We have accepted Cagliari’s offer for Nandez because we spoke to the player and he wants to go to Italy,” Angelici told Radio La Red.

“What we do not accept is the form of payment and that is what we are working on.

“It will be up to the Italian club to make the effort. At the moment the first instalment of the offer is not enough to pay taxes.”

Another young prospect set to leave Boca is 19-year-old Leonardo Balerdi, despite only having played five times for the Argentine club.

But Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund look set to seal a move this month with talks set to begin shortly.

“The Borussia Dortmund leaders have travelled [to Argentina],” said Angelici.

“With Balerdi, it’s the same as the rest. It’s not Boca’s intention to let players go, less so youngsters.

“He has a release clause of 10 million [US dollars]. It seemed an exaggeration when we signed at the time, but now we have a higher offer.

“I will listen to the proposal and we will see how the meeting ends.”

18-year-old Agustin Almendra is also being targetted in a $30m move by Inter Milan and Napoli.