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Boca Juniors president reveals De Rossi will arrive soon

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According to Daniel Angelici, the Roma legendary midfielder and he has confirmed: “he will 99 percent be a Boca player.”

Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi didn’t sign a new contract with the Italian Lega Serie A club.

And his future might be in Argentina with giants Boca Juniors.

“De Rossi will definitely arrive in the next few days, he has the desire to wear the Boca shirt,” said Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici to reporters according to Football Italia.

“[Nicolas] Burdisso has spoken to him a lot and I can confirm he will 99 percent be a Boca player.”

“He can help us with his experience, I like players who want to come to Boca,” he added.

“The same thing happened with [Jan] Hurtado, he had offers in Italy but he preferred to come here.”

The president continued: “Having a world champion like De Rossi, one of the few still out there, fills us with pride. He’ll be good for all of Argentinian football.”

“I’m the son of Italians, which is why I’m even more pleased that an Italian player of his level has decided to end his career at Boca.”