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Boca VP elect Riquelme to sign Mbappe, Messi, & Ronaldo

boca juniors, kylian mbappe, linel messi, cristiano ronaldo
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Juan Roman Riquelme’s ticket to get elected as vice president of Boca Juniors is that he will sign Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Most politicians have some kind of catchy slogan or outlandish promise when they stand for election.

Juan Roman Riquelme, albeit in a tongue in cheek, went for the later.

The retired Argentine legend Riquelme made a public announcement that he will stand for election as the vice president of his beloved Boca juniors.

According to Sport, the former player was in a jubilant mood after his announcement and was even suggesting that there are big things to come in the future if he is elected.

He said:

“I’m happy, I feel like I have a chance to return to my club.”

“I will run as second vice president.”

” I am someone who thinks a lot and I know that I am not prepared to be president of my club.”

” In these four years (if we get in) I will try to see how things are and then we will see if I am prepared.”

” I want to take care of the football, which is where I think I can help.”

Then came the big announcement.

He added:

“They told me there’s money to spend so I am going to dream.”

” [I want to sign ] (Kylian) Mbappe, (Leo) Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.”

All joking apart, it is not inconceivable for Messi to head home for one last hoorah before he retires, and Ronaldo may fancy his chances in South America before it is all said and done.

What a strike force that would be!