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Bojan Krkic suffered anxiety attacks in Barcelona

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Former Barcelona prodigy Bojan Krkic, opened up about the hell he went through for being considered one of the world’s biggest football prospects as s kid.

One of the saddest stories coming from FC Barcelona was Bojan Krkic rise to the first squad, the player who was supposed to become Lionel Messi’s heir who suffered anxiety attacks from all the pressure.

Since he started playing for the Catalan club from the early age of 11 in the various youth categories, Bojan Krkic was a talent like no other as he scored over 900 goals between 1999 and 2006 when he moved up to Barcelona B.

This was a young player who was considered a star from a very early age, a case that was very similar to Neymar’s.

Even his start in the Barcelona first team began on a great note, as he became the youngest player from the club to feature in La Liga over Lionel Messi and also the youngest player to score in an official match for Barça during that first year of his career.

But something went terribly wrong with Bojan, as he felt the pressure kept growing on him from the very start of his professional career and he eventually succumbed to it in the worst possible manner.

The young player never really lived up to all the hype, and until now we didn’t know the exact reasons why he didn’t make it as big as everybody expected.

This was a player who was destined to become an even greater goalscorer than Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi combined, but we had no idea how much he struggled to cope with the enormous pressure of being one of the biggest young prospects in the world.

Bojan was featured in an interview for French journal L’Equipe, where he revealed the reason he never made it as big as we all thought he would.

“The Bojan from Barcelona was a football player 100%, but he wasn’t prepared to withstand all the media impact. He was a young 17-year old kid who played in a massive club like Barça. It was a great shock.”

“I found a dressing room that had players like Eto’o, Puyol, Maxwell, Iniesta… but it was still a dream living that every day anyway.”

“I used to do nothing in the dressing rooms, long story short. I remember my first day. I was sitting five meters from the place where all the water bottles were placed.”

“I was really thirsty, but I never got up to pick up a bottle. I was afraid of making a mistake,” said Bojan during a revealing interview for French journal L’Equipe that was published this Saturday.


Bojan revealed that before a preparation match for Spain in 2008, was when he got a massive anxiety attack and the whole world came crumbling down on him: “In 2008 was when everything started.”

“I felt great anguish and I had to stop. Everything exploded on me. I wasn’t even an adult yet. After that, I decided to not go to the European Championship in 2008.”

“I needed a disconnect from football, I needed to stay away from the media. I will never regret that decision I made back then,” he added.

After living that experience and not being able to fully perform at Barcelona for the next three years, Bojan was sold to AS Roma in 2011, then he was loaned to AC Milan a year later.

The Catalan club decided to buy him back in 2013 but he never really played a single minute with the club on his second spell, he was loaned again to Ajax where he recovered enough relevance to get sold to Stoke City from the Premier League.

But Bojan never really got to triumph as a footballer, even if he has a very impressive trophy room in his house due to all the success he got for playing in one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Today, the Catalan player fights to get promoted to the Premier League with Stoke City and is living a better life compared to the difficult times he lived as a kid in Barcelona.

Bojan is another one of those cases of a prodigy that never made it, who had the potential to become a true great of the sport but didn’t make it in the end.

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