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Bonucci opens up on self-isolation: It has been tough

Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus
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Bonucci admits the period of self-isolation has been tough for the Juventus players and also revealed isolation is over for players with no symptoms.

Leonardo Bonucci admits the past few days have been tough but believes the worst is over for Juventus.

It’s been a rocky past few weeks for the Italian champions, with no less than three squad members diagnosed with coronavirus.

Daniele Rugani became the first to test positive, before he was sadly joined by Blaise Matuidi and then Paulo Dybala. At the moment though, all three players are doing fine and are on their way to full recovery.

The situation put all Juve players under self-isolation and Bonucci has narrated his ordeal of having to cope with the situation the past few days.

“I’m fine, but these days have been tough: self-isolation is over today. I showed no symptoms and I was lucky,” he told JTV as h/t by Football-Italia.

“With my children and wife at home, the days have been eventful and we haven’t been bored. I’ve played in the garden with my son Lorenzo like we used to.

“These are things that you see a little less now, so it moved me. We’ve decided that now we’ll do it once a day.

Bonucci also expressed he is eager for the whole pandemic to come to an end as he is keen to return to the pitch once again.