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Bonucci smoothed things over with ultras before Juve return

Leonardo Bonucci , Juventus
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Leonardo Bonucci had talks with Juventus Ultras to smooth things out before he returned to Juventus.

Bonucci left Juventus for bitter rivals AC Milan back in the summer of 2017.

The player admitted the move was a mistake and returned to Turin only 12 months later.

He has always insisted that there was more to his transfer than met the eye.

However, to the fanatical Juventus fans or “ultras” are they are known, he was a traitor.

His return was not a welcomed one by the Bianconeri faithful.

According to Corriere Della Sera, Bonucci reached out to an ultra leader to smooth things over.

The player contacted Fabio Trinchero, one of the leaders of the Viking ultras group via WhatsApp.

The messages apparently said:

“It would give me pleasure when I return from America if we could have a quick chat.”

“So I can explain to you how things really went.”

The fan replied:

“With a discussion, we can sort things out.”