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Bonucci will talk things over with Ronaldo

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Leonardo Bonucci is making sure there is time for he and Cristiano Ronaldo to sit down and talk when they return to Turin from international duty.

The Italian no-nonsense defender is not one to dwell on the past but feels that clear the air talks with his Juventus teammate are in order.

Bonucci has no intention of stirring up trouble. In fact, with the contrary, he wants to help his fellow Bianconeri player to be at his best.

In an interview reported by Football Italia, Bonucci wants to make time to sit down with Ronaldo.

It’s clear though what motivates him to do so, that is helping his beloved Juve win.

“I like to look forward and not back. There will be time to talk.”

“When we return to Turin, there will be a way to meet and talk.”

“There are still many games where we’ll need the best Ronaldo.”

“I’m convinced that his objective is to improve with respect to the past and help Juventus achieve all their objectives.”

Bonucci is fully aware that a 100% Cristiano Ronaldo is a game-changer.