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Bordas says Barcelona hasn’t ruled out Neymar

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According to the Blaugrana director, Neymar might still leave Paris Saint-Germain to return to Barca but the January transfer market is very difficult.

The Neymar Junior saga did not stop when the summer transfer window was closed.

It is well known that the Paris Saint-Germain footballer wants to return to the Spanish La Liga with Barcelona.

But according to Blaugrana director Javier Bordas, the team is not done persuing the Brazilian superstar.

“While he wants to come, we will do what we can to bring him back,” Bordas explained in an interview with EFE.

“What happens will happen, everything is constantly changing in football, but Neymar is Neymar.”

He explained: “The case of Neymar is a special one. He’s an exceptional player and he wants to come to Barcelona; he hasn’t adapted to Paris; he was wrong to go there, and even he has said that.”

“I don’t see him at another club. There are few people more connected to Barcelona than Messi.”

“Messi is from Barcelona [having moved as a child and spent most of his life there]. Messi is Barcelona,” he commented.

“People are worried about his contract clause, but Messi will stay because he is at home here, he feels it; he comes from La Masia, you only have to look at him when a match has been lost.”