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Bosnia and Herzegovina boss doesn’t blame players

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According to Robert Prosinecki, his team did all they could to try to take a win from Italy in Turin.

Bosnia and Herzegovina were leading 1-0 at half time in yesterday’s EURO 2020 Qualifiers match against Italy.

“We could not blame guys at all; they played a good match. We had chances and the result could have been different,” he told the nation’s official website.

“At 1:0 we had a chance to increase the advantage and the match could have gone in the other direction.”

“We played one of the best matches, and we lost from one big team that punished every mistake. I do not think we deserved to lose, but it is football,” he added.

“The guys did their best, played super football and it was a shame that we did not return home with at least one point.”

The boss continued: “I am sorry that in my mandate we poorly played one match, and we made the situation from it as if nothing was good.”

“Against Finland, we did not enter the match properly, they were better. We were not running; we did not have a willing moment.”

“Maybe we thought it would be easy and, in the end, we were defeated by Finland from which, I believe, we are better,” he commented.

“Today there have been some mistakes in the defense, but this is normal against a team like Italy that has a lot of quality players.”

“Nevertheless, we can boast of flightiness, dedication, and quality. Tonight, we showed that we could deal with every national team,” he concluded.