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Bosnia and Herzegovina players feel they could have done better

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According to Sehic, Zukanovic, and Gojak, the defeat against Italy is bad, but they expect better results in the future.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was defeated 2-1 by Italy yesterday, even after the team was up 1-0 by halftime.

And today Ibrahim Sehic said he expects better.

“Today, we definitely played better than in Finland. What we agreed in the dressing room we realized very well in the first half,” he told the nation’s official website.

“In the second half, the concentration dropped, and after the corner kick, we easily get a goal.”

Ervin Zukanovic added: “Too bad about the defeat. We woke up after a defeat in Finland. We started well, took a lead.”

“However, they had quality and they scored two goals. It’s a shame because we entered the game well.”

“We were expecting more, especially against Finland,” he said.

“We should have been looking for points there. We should come here relaxed. I hope we get better in the next matches.”

Meanwhile, Gojak thinks his team played well: “We played a good match, but the result is missing.”

“We missed sports happiness and I hope that it will be returned to us in the next matches. We were trying, fighting like one.”

“I believe in this team and I think we will return to the winning path. The fans were winding us in the back and I thank them for their support,” he concluded.