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Bowyer discusses the relationship with Charlton supporters

Lee Bowyer
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Charlton Athletic manager Lee Bowyer has been discussing his current relationship with the club’s supporters.

The former Charlton midfielder has taken pride in trying to rebuild the fractured relationships with the supporters, he has brought back some of the feel-good factors at the club by drawing on experience during his time at Leeds United.

Bowyer said, according to Mirror Football:

“To have that relationship is so important and I’ve tried to do that here because there was a distance with the fans. It wasn’t the place that I’d left years ago. When I left years ago, it was a nice family club, the fans and the players were together.”

“When I was at Leeds, a lot of people don’t know this, when you play in Europe away from home, they keep the fans back for maybe an hour or 45 minutes whatever, so we’d have a shower, get changed and come back out and have a sing-song with the fans.”

“The fans are a massive part of what we do. I like to think they are creeping back in because of what we’re doing and we’re doing well. I don’t know about the ins and the outs of what went on, but we all want the club to do well.”

“It’s going to be difficult. I’m a realist. We’ve not spent a penny while other clubs who are in and around us have spent a lot of money this season, in the summer and in January already.”

“But I believe in the lads that I have. I’ve told them from day one in pre-season that I believe in them. It is difficult, I can’t lie. But on our day, we’re as good as anyone.”