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Bowyer insists he’s a different manager than a player

Lee Bowyer
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Charlton Athletic manager Lee Bowyer insists he is now more mature than during his days as a player even if he maintains that the image of him as a player was wrong.

Bowyer was a fierce competitor who gave everything on the pitch. The tough-tackling, no-nonsense midfielder was behind one of English football’s most club runs with Leeds United.

The 42-year-old has Charlton right in the hunt for promotion in League One and today they travel to play-off rivals Peterborough United.

Bowyer says, according to Mirror Football:

“Everybody thinks I was this sort of person on the pitch and the same off it. But I wasn’t. I was like I am sitting talking now, I’ve always been like that.”

“I do my stuff, I go home, I’m quite a quiet person, I’m quite a shy person and I’ve not changed that much. I’ve just got greyer and older.”

“I’m still competitive, I’m as competitive now as when I was playing but that’s because I want to win. I don’t believe in saying: ‘well done, you came second today.’ There’s never a question about who came second in a race. Unless you win, there’s no point.”

I’ve not changed in that way. I’ve matured, I think. I’m married, kids, my life has changed from when I was younger at Leeds but I still think I’m this calm person away from it. But I was always like that.”

“I like to go fishing, get away from it all and switch off. After I retired, my wife said to me: ‘You can’t sit at home watching telly every day.’”