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Brad Smith is loving his time at MLS

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Smith has been loaned from AFC Bournemouth to Seattle Sounders for a whole season, and the Australian footballer is enjoying his time there.

In 2018 Bournemouth winger Brad Smith was loaned from the English Premier League to the Major League Soccer (MLS).

And so far, the Australian is enjoying his time with Seattle Sounders.

“It was a bit of a shock to hear that MLS was interested in me,” Smith said to Four Four Two.

“Once I saw the video and stuff like that and spoke to the coaching staff, it was an easy decision.”

“I came over and it surprised me, the league, a lot. The players they’re bringing in nowadays,” he added.

“A few years ago it was a lot less of a league but now it’s growing.”

“I think in the years to come it’s going to be going up and some of the players they’re bringing in now, it’s definitely growing,” he said.

“For me, it has been good here and I’ve been enjoying my time.”

“From that moment (when Beckham signed) players just kept going over there like Tim Cahill, I played with him in the national team – he went over there,” he commented.

“I spoke to him about MLS before I came out.”

“Jermain Defoe, I played with him at Bournemouth. Players like that we’re out here and it was just from that moment I think they started coming out and people were recognizing the league.”