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Brahim Diaz in depth, Real Madrid’s latest arrival

Brahim Diaz
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Time to talk about Brahim Diaz, the player who Pep Guardiola is about to let go and Real Madrid is about to claim as their own in the winter.

Now that we’ve reported that Real Madrid is keen on signing Brahim Diaz from Manchester City, we still haven’t talked about the details of the transfer and how far along it is at this moment.

There are many details about this player’s personality and style of play that we need to uncover thoroughly since we are in fact talking about one of Spain’s most talented youngsters who has ever lived.

We are not exaggerating on this assertion, as Pep Guardiola himself is the one who has personally taken care of his development as a player in Manchester City’s youth academy since he basically asked the club to sign him at 13 years of age before he arrived in the club.

The problem is that Brahim doesn’t seem to agree with the new terms of his deal with Manchester City, which is why he has apparently decided to look elsewhere and find success in a club like Real Madrid.

As of right now, Diario AS has practically confirmed that Brahim Diaz will become Los Blancos’ most recent transfer and perhaps the only one of the winter transfer window made by the Spanish giants.

The report suggests that the player should be announced before the end of the weekend, and he will be presented next week.

But why is there so much buzz around this young talent you ask? Well, it’s easy to realize the type of talent Diaz has by just looking at the very limited library of videos that exist of him playing for Manchester City.

Brahim has a style of play that is very similar to that of Andres Iniesta, with a similar exquisite ball treatment and dribbling that very few Spanish footballers have been able to master throughout their careers.

Iniesta is the absolute best at getting past defenders with ease, but other great players such as Xavi or David Silva also have a similar way of understanding the game.

Brahim Diaz is the direct heir to this style that is very much alive with players like him, Carles Aleña, or Riqui Puig coming through the ranks of their respective clubs.

If this new transfer becomes a reality in the following days, there is no doubt that Los Blancos will have gotten one of the most promising new Spanish talents in recent memory and someone who can absolutely help out the squad in this time of need regardless of his early age.

There is a very specific reason that Pep Guardiola has pampered Brahim Diaz from a close distance all this time, he must be hitting his head to a wall for not being able to convince him to remain at Manchester City.


Now that this new young talent has escaped Pep Guardiola’s hands, there is no denying that the Catalan manager’s biggest weakness is not being able to keep his young talents at bay.

The whole fiasco with Jadon Sancho was the biggest testament of just how poor Guardiola’s persuasion methods are, Brahim Diaz is already considered to become one of the Spanish La Liga’s most exciting new talents in the short term after he gets announced by Real Madrid.

With this transfer, president Florentino Perez will also confirm his politics of austerity that he has preached for the better part of the last five years. Since Los Blancos signed Gareth Bale back in 2013, they have always aimed to sign young talents and hone them to become world-class players with impressive results.

Real Madrid’s latest addition to the club is nothing but another message to all those made players who are desperate to play for Los Blancos, people like Eden Hazard or Neymar who appear to have very little chances of playing for the Spanish giants with these new transfer policy in place.

How much time will it take Brahim Diaz to adapt to Real Madrid once he arrives in the club? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.