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Brazil gets past Paraguay from the spot in the Quarterfinals

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After a complicated Copa America Quarterfinal match, Brazil was finally able to eliminate Paraguay in a dramatic penalty shootout.

The Brazil National Team really struggled to defeat Paraguay in the Copa America quarterfinals without Neymar, they made all their fans suffer in Porto Alegre.

This Thursday evening marked the start of this knockout stage of the competition with the tournament’s hosts receiving the always defensive Guarani squad.

Paraguay somehow always manages to put things very difficult for any squad they face in this competition.

This is a team that doesn’t historically have a strong offensive side, but they do work pretty well as a unit.

The Brazil squad didn’t have Neymar but the star did visit Porto Alegre stadium to support his teammates, he was sporting an NBA-themed jacket.

Boy did Neymar suffer throughout the whole 90 minutes of the game, because this quarterfinal match wasn’t going to give us extra time.

A draw between both sides would take us straight into shots from the spot, we were in for a dramatic game between both sides.

Brazil essentially dominated the whole match but goalkeeper Fernandez was one of the best players on the pitch.

Especially during the second half, ‘Kitten’ saved several shots from many of the Brazilian forwards who attempted to score that winning goal that never came.

This game was doomed to get decided from the spot to everybody’s dismay inside the stadium.

Fernandez was the absolute hero who made some impressive saves during the final minutes of the game, he made three or four that all the stadium gasped with.

Even though the Brazil squad was the most dominant out of the two, Paraguay played their match and they nearly fulfilled their intention to frustrate the hosts.

There was an important moment during the second half in which referee Tober called a penalty, but VAR reversed his decision because the foul was just outside the box.

However, Balbuena did get shown a red card for this call and left Paraguay with only 10 players during the final half hour of the game.

These final 30 minutes were exactly when Brazil attempted to get that advantage, but they always found the Paraguay defense standing in front of their dreams to finish the game before the penalties came.

The final minutes were absolutely incredible to watch, few games end with no goals and so much pressure mounting for both sides.

There were close-ups on many fans fro both squads suffering during the final minutes, it was very entertaining to watch.

In the end, Paraguay did hold the result thanks to the goalkeeper and we were in for a very dramatic shootout that ended with one of both sides completely heartbroken.

The shootout started with Alisson Becker saving a penalty from Gomez, Paraguay started this stage of the game on the wrong foot.

Willian, Marquinhos, and Coutinho scored the next three goals for Brazil. Almiron, Valdez, and Rojas did the same for Paraguay.

Brazil gave this shootout some drama after Roberto Formino sent his shot wide and over the bar.

This was Paraguay’s perfect chance to tie the game, but Derlis Gonzalez also missed his shot right after and he broke a whole country’s heart in the process.

The last shot was left to Gabriel Jesus, who already missed a penalty during this competition.

The pressure was very high for the Manchester City striker but he responded well to the challenge.

After scoring the goal, Jesus went to celebrate with Alisson and took a breath of fresh air for taking Brazil to the Copa America semifinals.

We will wait to find out who Brazil’s rival will be on the next round, they will face either Venezuela or Argentina.

The first match on Friday will be between both squads, then we will have the main course with Colombia facing Chile in the evening.

Even without Neymar, Brazil still managed to advance to the semifinals and they have a great chance to reach the last game of the competition in front of their audience.

Which rival do you like more for Brazil, Argentina or Venezuela? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.