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Brazil legend urges Messi to quit Barcelona

Lionel Messi, Barcelona, La Liga
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Rivaldo has suggested that Lionel Messi should leave FC Barcelona if he desires to face new challenges.

Lionel Messi announced his retirement plans after winning his sixth Ballon d’Or earlier. The Argentine claimed that while he is nearing the end of his remarkable career, he will continue to force himself on the pitch for as long as he could.

Brazil legend Rivaldo believes that the 32-year old should start looking for life after Barcelona. Rivaldo, who won La Liga titles twice at Camp Nou, feels Messi should go for bigger challenges to keep himself relevant in the coming years.

The Brazil legend also highlighted Messi’s barren run with his national team and insisted the Argentine to remain at the highest level for making his place in the squad.

“It’s normal that a 32-year-old footballer starts to think about his future but it will depend on how things go at Barcelona,” Rivaldo said as per Daily Mail.

“If he feels important to the club and keeps on winning trophies, he won’t leave or retire anytime soon. But in the next couple of years, it could be different if he starts feeling it’s harder to keep up with the young talent in the team.

“If he feels that he may just become an extra part of the team and not the main focus, he should consider leaving for another competition,” Rivaldo demanded.

“He still wants to win the World Cup and the Copa America with Argentina, so he should stay and play at the highest level until 2022 to cement his place in the team.

“It’s still too early though,” the Brazil legend claimed.