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Brazil runs over Peru with a goal-fest at Corinthians’ Arena

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With a nearly perfect overall performance against Peru, the Brazil National Team finished top of Group A in the Copa America with a goal-fest.

The Brazil National Team was coming from a boring goalless draw against Venezuela, they needed to get a victory today against Peru.

Group A had the two remaining matches happening simultaneously, Brazil was playing at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo against the Peruvian National Team.

As we all know, Neymar is injured and he missed the whole competition but manager ‘Tite’ still has a very competitive roster in his power.

This Brazilian squad is still one of the title contenders for this competition, they have the host factor in their favor but they also have some incredible players.

The starting eleven that ‘Tite’ used had Arthur, Coutinho, and Casemiro in midfield. Quite the creative approach that brings back the proposals from old, when Brazil had more creativity in their midfield area.

Arthur is the biggest hope for this squad during the competition, he is the player who can take the team all the way to the final with Neymar’s absence.

This squad needed a game like this in order to regain confidence, they don’t need to have their captain in order to function as a proper squad.

Casemiro scored the first goal after a corner-kick, the Brazilian midfielder stumbled upon a ball inside the box to give Brazil the initial advantage.

The following minutes were filled with Peru’s terrible defensive mistakes, Roberto Firmino got a gift from goalkeeper Gallese before the 20th minute.

The Liverpool player responded to this defensive mistake in his very particular style, he scored the second goal with a no-look pass to the net after dribbling the goalkeeper.

Bobby Firmino was one of the best players of this match, but this goal proved how much he loves scoring goals with his signature move.

The third goal came before the break, it was right after the half hour of the game passed.

The Brazil midfield enjoyed a series of passes that eventually got the ball to Everton, the young Brazilian scored a goal from the distance once again.

The difference between this goal and the one he scored against Bolivia, is that Gallese could’ve saved this one because it came to his side of the post.

With a 3-0 victory, Brazil went to the dressing rooms thinking they could get an even more scandalous win against Peru.

Gareca’s players were completely surrendered to the local squad’s quality with the ball, the second half could become a massacre for the Peruvian squad.

Manager ‘Tite’ did tell his players to keep trying to score more goals during the second half, they remained strong despite the modifications that were made.

Early in the second half, Bobby Firmino made a terrific combination with veteran Dani Alves on the right lane of the pitch.

The Brazil captain scored a great goal after Firmino gave him back a one-two pass that helped Alves reach the box with practically no opposition.

Odds were that Brazil could score more goals this early in the game, the scoreboard was already 4-0 in their favor.

‘Tite’ decided to get Willian on the pitch with 13 minutes left on the clock, the Chelsea player sported Neymar’s number ’10’ jersey.

With only a few minutes on the pitch, the Blues’ winger scored a beauty from a distance after curling his effort through the far corner.

This made it 5-0 for Brazil, but there was more action still left for the final minutes.

Gabriel Jesus had his chance to score his goal after he got a penalty awarded, but goalkeeper Gallese denied him after taking the shot from the spot.

This win gives Brazil the top of Group A, it also leaves Venezuela in second place after they defeated Bolivia 3-1 in the match that took place at the same time.

Peru stays as one of the squads that could qualify to the next round as one of the best third places of the competition.

This result gives Brazil high hopes to get further in the tournament, perhaps even the final if they play their cards right.

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