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Brazil takes down Argentina with Jesus and Firmino’s goals

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With one goal from Jesus during the first half and another from Firmino during the second half, Brazil eliminates Argentina and reaches the final.

We all knew that Argentina had a nearly impossible job against Brazil in this Copa America semifinal, they played against the host right in the middle of their renewal.

Lionel Messi wasn’t as present in this tournament as people might expect, even he confessed that he wasn’t playing at the top of his game.

Brazil didn’t have injured Neymar but that wouldn’t be much of a problem against this Argentine side, it was evident that the locals had the advantage.

Messi did finally appear to play at his level in this game but it wouldn’t be enough because he was basically alone on the pitch this evening.

The Brazilians played their game, always steady on the defense and trusting on their physical capabilities above Argentina’s talent.

The key moment during the first half came before the 20th minute, Dani Alves completed a beautiful individual play in midfield that left Roberto Firmino with a lot of space to send his cross from the right flank.

Gabriel Jesus was waiting down the center to just push the ball forward, Brazil scored the first goal of the evening in a match they were controlling from the start.

Argentina and Messi attempted to respond and they played great football but they couldn’t find the opening.

Despite Argentina’s efforts, Brazil went into half time with that one-goal advantage.

Argentina kept pushing forward.

The second half brought us more dominance from Argentina, but Brazil was only waiting for a counter-attack opportunity at this point.

The squad managed by ‘Tite’ only needed a single chance to kill the game, Messi tried in different chances but he couldn’t penetrate Brazil’s defensive line.

This was starting to get frustrating for the ‘Albiceleste’, Leo had a couple of chances from a free-kick that he couldn’t transform into a goal.

The whole outcome of the game started to look like Brazil was controlling the game as they wanted, it seemed like they allowed Argentine to go on the attack.

The key moment during the second half came with only 10 minutes left on the clock, Messi led an interesting chance where he lost the ball and Gabriel Jesus took the rebound.

The Manchester City striker took the chance to start that feared counter-attack, he got fouled as he entered the box.

Instead of dropping his body to the floor, Jesus preferred to send an assist to an open Roberto Firmino.

This was the killing blow against Argentina, the final nail on the coffin. They tried to at least pull one back but they simply weren’t able to get that final goal.

What should Messi do after this?

It was pretty evident that Argentina wasn’t a title contender from the very start of the Copa America, Lionel Messi came to try once again with no luck at all.

Luckily for him, there will be another Copa America next summer in Colombia.

However, next year’s competition might be the last chance that the Barcelona star gets to win a trophy with his country.

Leo already stated that he would never give up trying, he will do whatever he can to fight for that missing trophy until he can’t physically play.

A lot of critics will come after Leo for not helping his country win this match, but nothing that he isn’t used to.

Today more than ever, it’s clear that this elimination is not Leo Messi’s fault.

The AFA is the one to blame for this sudden generational shift that happened too abruptly, Messi was the one who complained about it first.

As far as Brazil goes, the Canarinha will get their chance to win the title in front of their own fans.

The ghosts from that ‘Maracanazo’ will come to haunt them before the last match of the competition, whether it’s Chile or Peru.

It’s a bummer that Neymar won’t be able to play this final with his country, this would’ve been the first major trophy he could’ve won with his national team.

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