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Breaking down Marta’s unique record in football history

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Time to talk about Brazilian legend Marta, the woman who surpassed all expectations this Thursday and got a unique record in football.

The record that Brazilian Marta broke today with his national team during the Women’s World Cup match against Australia, reminds us of a beloved movie.

We don’t know if any of you remember Lord of the Rings, but the final movie depicted feminism to perfection after a woman defeated the king of the Nazgul.

It’s the same feeling when Marta scored her goal against Australia, she reached a record that no man has ever accomplished and probably never will.

The Brazilian legend is arguably the best female player in football history, there really aren’t any other names who can oppose her talent.

The idea for her to play her fifth World Cup isn’t only to reach records such as the one she accomplished today, it is also to help Brazil secure the championship.

Unfortunately for Marta and her teammates, Brazil lost today’s match against Australia with a 3-2 final result.

This Brazilian squad is still leading Group C with 3 points, but only due to the goal difference.

We still have no idea how well Marta’s squad will do in this competition, other national teams look stronger than Brazil to compete for the trophy.

Squads such as Germany or the United States look like the overwhelming favorites, but Marta can still do some damage.

Marta’s record in numbers.

The numbers don’t lie, Marta has been destroying defensive lines in World Cup tournaments since 2003.

She initially started her illustrious career in this competition by scoring 3 goals in the USA World Cup of 2003.

Four years later, Marta offered her most memorable World Cup performance with Brazil.

During that competition, she scored 7 goals that helped her country reach the final but lost it against Germany.

Marta went on to score another four goals in the next tournament celebrated in German soil four years later.

She also scored one more goal during the Canada tournament back in 2015. And now, Marta got to score in all the five World Cup competitions that she’s been a part of.

Men’s football has a handful of players participating in five different World Cups, but someone scoring in five different tournaments was unheard of until Marta came around.

This is the unique record that Marta has in world football, she is the first person to do this and the numbers are impressive.

The Brazilian genius also reached the all-time record of most goals scored in World Cup history, one that she shares with Miroslav Klose (16).

Marta could keep making history in this World Cup.

Now that she shares the record with Miroslav Klose, Marta can look forward to the possibility of getting past the German striker.

Marta has at least one more Group stage match against Italy, and possibly the knock-out stage to score another goal.

It would be incredible if this legendary Brazilian player could surpass Klose as the person with the most World Cup goals scored in football history.

Here we were lamenting that a German player surpassed Ronaldo Nazario’s record, then Marta comes along and avenges Brazil with this new achievement.

We can’t forget that the Brazilian great has been recognized as the best female player in the world on six different occasions.

This is also another unique record that Marta holds, Messi and Ronaldo have five individual trophies each but Marta surpasses both of them.

She won five consecutive trophies between 2006 and 2010, then she won it again last year.

Unfortunately for Marta, she hasn’t been able to win the World Cup during his incredible career. However, perhaps this year is the one that will give her that satisfaction.

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