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Breaking: Klopp wins FIFA Best men’s coach award

Jurgen klopp, fifa best
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Jurgen Klopp has won the FIFA Best award for best men’s coach.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp beat Pep Guardiola, and Mauricio Pochettino to the best men’s coach award, in what was ultimately an all Premier League shortlist.

While Pochettino won nothing but led a Spurs to the Champions League final, and Guardiola led Manchester City to a domestic double.

But it was Jurgen Klopp that not only pushed City to the brink on the last day of the domestic season. He also led his team to a phenomenal Champions League final victory.

Klopp said in acceptance speech:

“Wow, it’s quite heavy! What can I say? I have to say thank you to a lot of people obviously.”

“I have to start at the beginning with my family sitting at home and probably watching.”

“It’s great – nobody would have expected that I stand here 20 years ago, 10 years ago, five years ago, four years ago probably!”

A humble Klopp acknowledged his fellow shortlisted managers, he added:

“And how close it can be; Mauricio, we won that game [the Champions League final] – that’s why I’m here and not you.”

“That’s how football is, but we all know what an incredible job you did, what an incredible job Pep did, what so many coaches out there did.”

“Coming back to saying thank you, I have to say thank you to my outstanding club, Liverpool FC.”

“Who doesn’t love it has no heart! That’s not true, you can love other clubs as well.”

He was sure to credit his owners for their support, he continued:

“To the owners, they gave me an incredible team, Mike Gordon in particular.”

Of course he could not forget his team, he concluded:

“And I have to thank my team because as a coach, you can only be as good as your team is. And the potential of your team is one, what they make of it is the other.”

“So I’m really proud to be the manager of such an incredible bunch of players.”

“I don’t want to make it longer than it should be but at the end I want to use this stage to say one thing.”

“This today is an individual prize, I don’t understand 100 per cent individual prizes but I get it because I’m here for a lot of people.”

“We are all on the really good side of life obviously, that’s why we are here; legends.”

“The past was great, the present is really good and the future hopefully will be good for us as well.”

“But there are people out there that have not exactly the same situation and I’m really proud and happy that I can announce from today on I’m a member of the Common Goal family.”

Congratulations 2019 FIFA Best Men’s coach award winner Jurgen Klopp.