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BREAKING: Milan-Juventus, in danger of being postponed

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In the breaking news of the day, the Milan vs Juventus match is in danger of being postponed. We have all the details about this Serie A match. 

The Milan vs Juventus Serie A match is in danger of being postponed due to a recent surge in Covid-19 cases at the Turin squad. Just recently, Alex Sandro was diagnosed with coronavirus. Juan Cuadrado tested positive today as well. The Italian club confirmed a player tested positive.

But he remains asymptomatic as they wrote on their official website without revealing his name: “Juventus Football Club announces that, during the checks provided for by the protocol in force, Juan Cuadrado has emerged positive with Covid-19. The player has already been placed in solitary confinement and is asymptomatic.”

The problem here is that Cuadrado has been sharing space and air with the rest of his teammates. This puts all of the ones who haven’t been infected in danger and Juventus decided to delay the trip to Milano. There is serious concern about the Vecchia Signora’s chances of playing the match at all. 

Juventus will wait until a fresh test round. 

The reason the match hasn’t officially been postponed yet is very simple. Juventus decided to wait until the next round of PCR tests that will be conducted on Wednesday morning. If a single player tests positive, chances are they will all have to quarantine and the match will be postponed. As of now, the club decided to only delay their trip to Milano until this happens.

So far, the game remains on the books to start at 20:45 local time at San Siro Stadium in the city of Milano. Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t in danger because he remains immune after testing positive for the virus a few months ago. However, this doesn’t mean that the other players are not in danger of testing positive. Karma may finally catch up to Juventus after what they did against Napoli. We all remember when they refused to postpone the match in a similar situation.