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Breaking News – Barcelona to cut all staff’s pay

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Barcelona has announced that all the club’s staff will take a cut in pay to ease the financial burden facing them in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

There has been talk for several days that Barcelona players are refusing to take a cut in pay.

The club had asked players to take reduced pay. This was in light of the fact that the club is totally shut down following the coronavirus outbreak.

It appears now that the club has come up with its own solution. Apparently taking other action that has allowed them to reduce their wage bill.

Barcelona released a statement confirming that the club had made amendments to ceratin working criteria. This would, in turn, allow then to take the necessary steps to help the club financially.

The wording of the statement suggests it was perhaps not something that was agreed too but rather imposed.

The statement from fcbarcelona.com read:

“Faced with this scenario, the Board of Directors has decided to implement a series of measures.”

“This is to mitigate its effects and reduce the economic effects of this crisis.”

“There is a need to adapt the contractual obligations of the club staff to the new and temporary circumstances.”

“These amendments will be processed before the Treball Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya.”

“Once the club has shared all aspects related to these measures, and their scope, with all its staff, both sporting and non-sporting.”

“Basically it is a reduction of the working day.”

“The club wants to implement measures that scrupulously follow the formal labor regulations.”