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Breaking news – Belgium becomes the first European league canceled

Club Brugge
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The Belgian Pro League has canceled the remained of the 2019/20 tournament with immediate effect.

While other nations and their leagues are still mulling over the idea of how to conclude their season, Belgium has made their choice.

Belgium’s top-flight season is officially over. The Belgian Pro League has declared the season complete with the results as they stand.

The league released a statement confirming that all standings as of the last game played are the official end of season positions for each team.

The statement read:

“The Pro League board of directors met today by conference call.”

“The most important item on the agenda was obviously the issue of continued competition in the context of the coronavirus crisis.”

“The current situation, particularly precarious, in which our country finds itself has as a consequence that sport is not and cannot be considered as the first concern.”

“In this context, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to make a recommendation, taking into account public health, the interests of all stakeholders and the wishes of the majority of clubs. We decided to not resume competition.”

“The Board of Directors made a unanimous recommendation to not resume the competitions of the 2019-20 season.”

“Plus to accept the current classification of the Jupiter Pro League as classification final, subject to the decisions of the licensing commission.”

This means that Club Brugge is the official 2019/10 champions of Belgium.