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Breaking News: Ronaldo is benched against Bologna

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For Juventus’ last match of the season against Bologna, Andrea Pirlo has decided to bench Cristiano Ronaldo. We tell you why.

Tonight’s match against Bologna was supposed to be the most important for Juventus but Andrea Pirlo still decided to bench Ronaldo. Even though he is the Serie A’s top scorer so far with 29 goals, the Portuguese star won’t start this evening. If they lose tonight, it is very possible that Juventus doesn’t make it to next season’s Champions League. When the news initially broke, we imagined something related to an injury might’ve happened.

However, Fabrizio Romano just reported that Cristiano is perfectly fine. Andrea Pirlo made this decision for a completely different reason that was further explained. As it turns out, Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing non-stop for several weeks and they only wanted to rest him. But rumors will always rule the world of football. There might be another reason the Portuguese star isn’t playing from the start against Bologna. 

Ronaldo could still play in the second half. 

After Fabio Paratici confirmed Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t playing simply because he needs to rest, he also confirmed the star might play in the second half. But this can easily mean they also don’t want to risk one of their assets if they decide to sell him this summer. As you all know, Juventus is in danger of not qualifying to the Champions League next season. If this happens, it is very possible that the Vecchia Signora makes the decision to sell the player.

For Ronaldo, not playing the next UEFA Champions League would be a stain in his professional career. If Juventus doesn’t make it next season, they will definitely have to take a look at their options. There’s a major chance he goes to either PSG or Manchester United if he doesn’t make it this season. Certainly, not having their best player on the pitch is a massive risk for Juventus. Any club would kill to have a guy like Ronaldo in the most important match of the season.