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BREAKING NEWS: Ronaldo’s latest Covid-19 test results

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After making us wait for days, we finally have the final results of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Covid-19 tests ahead of Juventus vs FC Barcelona. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has been battling Covid-19 for the last couple of weeks, his most recent test before today had a low viral load. This automatically meant that Cristiano was already starting to fight off the virus and today’s test was crucial for his participation in tomorrow’s game. UEFA agreed to wait for him until 24 hours before the match against Barcelona at Allianz Arena.

Lionel Messi and the Catalan club are already in Turin waiting for the result as well. As we all know, the Argentine lost some of that motivation to keep playing against Real Madrid when Ronaldo left Los Blancos. Now that he gets a new chance to confront him twice in one season, Messi was really looking forward to this trip to Italy.

Andrea Pirlo initially announced today’s test results would come out later in the evening and we finally have them confirmed. Juventus and UEFA announced the final verdict that will tell us if we are getting a new edition of the Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry tomorrow. Will we have to wait more time to keep enjoying this legendary confrontation? 

Ronaldo misses Tuesday’s practice. 

As he waits for the latest results of his PCR test, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to miss Juventus’ final training ahead of tomorrow’s match vs Barcelona. Everybody is waiting impatiently for the big news that would make the world of difference.

But the news is not encouraging, it was just reported that Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Covid-19 again. This means that we will have to wait until Juventus’ trip to Barcelona in order to watch him play Messi again. We won’t be able to enjoy this rivalry on Wednesday but at least we can rest easy because we have high hopes of Ronaldo recovering soon.

Even though the report from Goal wasn’t what everybody expected, we will still enjoy this match. The Ace Football and Ronaldo.com team wish Cristiano a speedy recovery with hopes of watching him play again next weekend.