BREAKING NEWS: Sergio Ramos isn’t leaving Real Madrid

Turns out that Sergio Ramos never wanted to leave in the first place, the Real Madrid captain cleared every doubt and confirmed he is staying.

In a new chapter of the never-ending disputes between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid captain needed to clear things up in public.

After a hectic last couple of days filled with speculation about his future, the captain had to come out and clarify what really went down in that meeting he had with president Florentino Perez.

The offer from China was a reality, Sergio Ramos presented it to the chairman in private because he felt that he wasn’t welcomed in the club anymore.

The recent disagreements both men had during a failed season is the reason Sergio Ramos felt a disconnect with Perez.

The club’s president has a very different way of conducting himself with players today than how he did in the past.

During the ‘Galacticos’ era, Perez actually made the terrible mistake of treating every single star as his children and he kept constant communication with them.

This close relationship he had with many of the players divided the team and effectively cost Florentino the presidency during his first term.

After a few years of hiatus and learning from his mistakes, Perez came back with a very different approach to things.

As the club’s president, he stopped being so close to some of the players and kept a similar behavior with every single one of them.

Sergio Ramos needed to feel some love.

The problem with Florentino Perez’s behavior changing so drastically is that Ramos didn’t get the memo about his decision.

We can’t forget that Sergio is one of the few players who still remain from that first term Florentino Perez served as a president.

The defender was one of the chairman’s strongest bets for the future when he signed him as a teenager, this created a very special bond between them ever since.

Upon his return for his second term in the new era, Perez became increasingly more distant with Ramos and this eventually affected the player’s perspective.

Although Sergio confirmed that he has a father/son relationship with Florentino, it is clear that it needed to get polished in order to remain healthy.

When the two of them had that meeting about the offer from China, Sergio Ramos’ intention wasn’t to leave Real Madrid but to get through to the president about their relationship.

But the press started speculating about several aspects of this meeting, there were reports about many different scenarios.

Sergio needed to come out and clarify his problems, something he finally did today.

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At first, we believe that Ramos would only make a statement about the issue without taking any questions.

However, the captain surprised us yet again by only taking questions about anything related to this situation.

“I want to make it very clear,” he said via Real Madrid’s official website.

“Lots of things have been speculated. I am a Madridista, I want to finish my career here. I want to leave the past behind, the bad season. I want to retire here.”

“With the president, we have a father-son relationship.”

“There is a lot of warmth between us. Despite some ups and downs, we have always had a good relationship and we want to move forward together.”

“I would never leave this club. I would even be willing to play for free during the last two years I have in my contract because I feel it that way.”

“It’s been a long time since I spoke to Florentino about money or my contract. We never discussed an extension in our meeting. We never touched the economic aspect.”

“This is only a matter of trust. In my life as a professional, there are two essential things I have to keep balanced: the supporters and my president.”

“There are things I didn’t like anymore and I needed to fix things with the president. I miss the days when I spoke to him daily, like we used to do it in the past.”

“The offer from China is a reality and on the table. I’m not a person who likes to lie. The relationship between us wasn’t going through a good moment but I’ve never thought about leaving.”

“The whole situation about me asking to leave for free is a complete lie. I am very happy with my salary.”

“I am not interested in money. If another player comes and earns more than I do, I will be happy for him.”

“We want to build a new Real Madrid after a terrible season. If I leave, it will be after I win more trophies,” he concluded.

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