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BREAKING: Neymar Junior is a no-show at PSG’s practice

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PSG just announced that Neymar didn’t show up to their pre-season first day of practice on Monday, they will sanction the player accordingly.

What most people fear would happen just did between PSG and Neymar, the Brazilian player is in complete rebellion against the French giants.

All the players were supposed to return to the club’s pre-season first day on Monday, most of them returned for their respective medical tests but not Neymar.

The Brazilian player confirmed to his closest circles that he simply doesn’t want to be part of the club anymore, he wants to play at FC Barcelona next season but doing that won’t be easy.

The Catalan club advised Neymar to not miss the first day of practice, they specifically told him to attend the first day because that will make the negotiations a bit less complicated between both clubs.

The player obviously didn’t listen because he has his own personal feud with owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who gave the player an ultimatum.

This is exactly what Barcelona was trying to avoid, the star’s latest decision to not attend the club’s first training session will be regarded as an act of disrespect against the institution.

Al-Khelaifi doesn’t respond well to these types of provocations, he has a history of making rebellious players suffer until they lose their will to play football throughout the season.

Just ask Marco Verratti or Adrien Rabiot what a bad idea it is to go against the system like Neymar is doing, this won’t end well for the player.

The pre-season at PSG already gave us the very first images of some stars, the club made all the medical tests to all their players ahead of their first training session.

There are images of Kylian Mbappe in full gear while conducting the tests, the French youngster is one of the reasons Neymar doesn’t want to continue playing for the club anymore.

When he first arrived in Paris, the Brazilian didn’t count on Kylian taking all the spotlight from him.

The biggest reason he decided to leave FC Barcelona was to lead a project himself, he didn’t want to live under anybody’s shadow.

Now that he knows he probably won’t be better than Messi or Mbappe, Neymar prefers to play alongside his friend at FC Barcelona than in Paris next to the young buck who took all his thunder.

It’s clear that the Brazilian star is willing to go to extreme lengths in order to reach this agreement with FC Barcelona.

He is doing things completely on his own and the Catalan club has no power over his decisions.

The man should’ve presented himself to the session on Monday, but his choice will come with the proper consequences now that the new chapter began.

Perhaps he stayed in Brazil celebrating.

Let’s go to the facts that we have, shall we? Neymar was at the Maracana Stadium last Sunday watching Brazil’s Copa America victory against Peru.

The star considers himself part of that national team despite being injured, it is clear that he may have decided to stay and celebrate the title with all his teammates from the national team.

Perhaps Neymar didn’t think that missing his first day of practice was a big deal for him, which could be the reason he didn’t show today.

After the club realized Neymar wasn’t coming, they immediately issued a public statement where they condemn his actions and threaten to sanction him accordingly.

We still have no more information regarding Neymar possibly showing up on Tuesday for practice, but doing so would make things a bit less complicated than they already are.

“On Monday 8 July Neymar da Silva Santos Junior was due to return to pre-season activities with the Paris Saint-Germain senior squad,” wrote PSG on their official website.

“Paris Saint-Germain notes that Neymar Jr was not in attendance at the agreed time and place.”

“This was without the club’s prior authorization. The club regrets this situation and will therefore take appropriate action.”

How will PSG sanction Neymar after missing his first day of practice? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.