BREAKING: Neymar suffers a new metatarsal injury at PSG

Terrible news for Brazilian Neymar and PSG, as he suffered a fresh metatarsal injury while he was playing the Coupe de France vs Strasbourg.

The same image we saw of Neymar going down with a sprained ankle came to min this Wednesday in the Coupe de France match between PSG and Strasbourg, the Brazilian player appears to have suffered the exact same injury that kept him out of any competition last year for four months.

Ever since he suffered that metatarsal fracture on his right foot while playing for PSG last year, Neymar wasn’t the same player and he really struggled to get back into rhythm with both his club and country.

During the World Cup for Brazil, the forward didn’t really reach his true level of performance because he was scared of suffering the same type of injury and wasn’t able to keep playing the same style of football that made him famous worldwide.

As the new season started, Neymar’s fears grew higher and he even changed the stud pattern of his football boots in order to not have as much traction so he could protect his ankle.

But not even that seemed to work, the Brazilian just suffered an injury exactly on the same foot where he fractures his fifth metatarsal bone as reported by Diario AS. Talk about bad luck…

It was this Wednesday during the Coupe de France match between Paris Saint-Germain and Strasbourg, Neymar started the match from the very beginning and things seemed to be going okay.

PSG was already winning with a goal scored by Edinson Cavani on the fourth minute of the match, the game went to half time with that advantage from the local team and everything was perfect.

The key moment took place during just two minutes after the 60th minute, Neymar was trying to move past a defender and he made a wrong step on the ground.

The player screamed with pain right before falling to the ground, the replay confirmed our worst fears as Neymar had sprained his ankle exactly on the same area where he got surgery last year.

While the player could get back up and walk off the pitch on his own, it was evident that he was completely destroyed by the injury as he left the pitch crying his eyes out.

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There is still no confirmation about how grave this new injury is, we don’t know if Neymar suffered a new fracture or how many matches he will miss in the following weeks.

But the clock just started ticking for both him and the club, the Champions League is coming and he needs to recover in record time.

Neymar is currently undergoing the proper tests in order to determine the reach of his injury, but considering that he suffered the twist on the same area where he got surgery last year, the hopes of him not having something serious are quite low.

It was evident that Neymar was very upset as he left the pitch at Parc des Princes, now he is on a race against time to reach the first Champions League match against Manchester United completely recovered.

The date in question is February 12, Neymar has only three weeks to recover from this new setback. However, his recovery time will strictly depend on the final prognosis he gets from the doctors after the proper tests have been made.

Not having Neymar against Manchester United would be a huge blow for the French giants, they really need to have one of their best players in top form if they want to advance to the Champions League’s quarterfinals.

We will keep you all posted on Neymar’s injury updates as the day keeps advancing, let’s just hope this is only a scare and nothing serious so we can keep enjoying Neymar’s football.

Do you think PSG can defeat Manchester United without Neymar? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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