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BREAKING: Pekerman steps down as Colombia’s manager

Colombia v England: Round of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
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The Colombia Football Federation has announced that Argentine manager Jose Nestor Pekerman will no longer remain as the National Team boss.

This Tuesday was the day in which the Colombia Football Federation and Argentine manager Jose Nestor Pekerman met to reach an agreement to continue his job in the National Team, but after a few hours of talking about the possibilities they finally reached such agreement and it’s not positive for Colombia. This Tuesday marks the day in which Argentine manager Jose Nestor Pekerman steps down as the Colombia National Team’s manager, he does it with a heavy heart but he believes that this is the right moment to do so. The Federation still won’t announce any possible replacements for the job, but the most talked-about name was Juan Carlos Osorio until he became Paraguay’s new boss just a few days ago. Pekerman is going to take some well-deserved free time after his long time with the national team, all the most prominent players who had the chance to share the squad with Pekerman, expressed their gratitude to the manager for the six most impressive years of the Colombian National Team in football history.

During those six years with the major squad, Pekerman took Colombia to two World Cup finals and transformed the ‘Cafeteros’ into one of the most spectacular teams in the two tournaments he managed the team. The most impressive performance came at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which took Colombia all the way to the tournament’s quarterfinals and gave us spectacular performances from each and every one of the players at the time with a stellar James Rodriguez. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Pekerman took the team to the finals once again, but they were eliminated in the round of 16 by England in penalty kicks. Despite coming back early from the tournament, Colombia’s performance was very well-accepted by the whole country and they received the players like heroes after they returned to South America. The general feeling was that Pekerman needed to remain as the manager, but the Federation failed to reach an agreement with him and they announced his departure this Tuesday after a meeting.

Pekerman was angry for the way in which the media treated him in the last month, he is convinced that they invented many lies about his possible exit and he demanded respect during a press conference and singled out a specific media outlet by the name of Gol Caracol: “Watching Colombia, where they stand on the FIFA Rankings and watching them play a different football, is something that has brought joy to a lot of people and that’s what I choose to take from my experience here. I won’t give my reasons now, especially to your news outlet (Gol Caracol). I love all of you and I hope all your ideas become clear in the future. There was nothing tying me to this job and I am very sorry that you’ve wasted your time talking about so many lies because you’ve hurt the National Team a great deal. I’m not offering myself to any other national team, I will wait for my contract to end. I’ve already told my assistant to not take any calls because I will chop his hand right off if he does,” said Pekerman on his final press conference as the Colombia manager.

Without any news from Argentina after this news, Jose Pekerman allowed the Colombian FA to issue a statement in which they hardly explained the reasons for his departure but they did talk about his achievements with the national team: “The Colombia Football Federation issues that, after a long meeting with Jose Nestor Pekerman, the manager expressed his desire to not continue as the National Team manager for Colombia. For the Colombia FA, it was an honor to have PEkerman as our manager for the last six years, he qualified us to two FIFA World Cups in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018. We wish Manager Jose Nestor Pekerman and his working team all the success in his future endeavors and professional life after his time with the Colombian National Team,” said the statement which was published in the Colombian FA’s official website. 

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