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BREAKING: Sergio Aguero just broke Henry’s record

Sergio Aguero, Henry
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After scoring Manchester City’s third goal against Aston Villa, Sergio Aguero reached Thierry Henry’s Premier League record. 

Sergio Aguero made history today, he reached a historic record set by Thierry Henry.

The Argentine striker scored Manchester City’s third goal against Aston Villa and got to that magic number.

The French striker is considered one of the best players in Premier League history, and Sergio Aguero deserves the same recognition.

From the first moment he debuted with Independiente at the age of 15, it was obvious that Sergio would go on to make football history.

However, nobody imagined that he would become a Premier League great.

In fact, Aguero started his European career at Atletico Madrid and we all thought he would remain in Spanish football.

But ‘Kun’ always wanted to seek for the highest level, he knew that the chance to play in English football would only come once.

This is the reason he accepted to play at Manchester City, he wanted to help the club win many trophies.

Aguero will go down in history as the most important player in the Citizens’ history, he scored their most important goal.

That last-minute screamer against Queens Park Rangers will go down as one of the most exciting moments in the tournament’s history. 

Villa Park witnessed history today.

After the third goal he scored for Manchester City, Aguero reached the 175 goals that Thierry Henry has in the Premier League.

The French striker became a legend with his elegant style of play and his many goals scored for Arsenal.

Throughout his run in the competition, Henry scored all those goals in 258 games with the Gunners.

Sergio Aguero made it happen in just 255 matches, which is three fewer games than Henry.

But ‘Kun’ was out for blood during the second half, he wanted to break the record.

On the 11th minute of the second half, Sergio took an assist from David Silva and scored the goal that made him unique.

With that 176th goal, Sergio Aguero becomes the highest non-British top-scorer in Premier League history.

At this point, ‘Kun’ only sits down in a table of five next to Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Andy Cole, and alan Shearer.

All of those legends are Brits. Judging on the level of performance he reached at his age, we believe Aguero will be after the all-time record.

But ‘Kun’ wasn’t happy with his result yet, he was keen on breaking another historic record at Villa Park. 

Two birds with one stone. 

To those who don’t remember, Sergio Aguero reached Alan Shearer’s hat-trick record in the Premier League earlier in the season.

The English striker completed a total of 12 hat-tricks throughout his Premier League career.

‘Kun’ reached this number and today was a great day to break another historic record, two in one day.

Sergio got his chance to score his hat-trick against Villa several times during the second half.

Riyad Mahrez got to set him up with an assist, and Aguero scored his hat-trick with a violent shot to the top corner.

The final result of the game was 6-1 in Manchester City’s favor. But the man of the night was Sergio Aguero.

We can’t wait to hear what Pep Guardiola has to say about his top striker during the press conference.

We also can’t help but wonder what both Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer are thinking right now.

Sergio just surpassed both of their records in a single match, something that a normal player wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

Manchester City is lucky to have Sergio Aguero on their side, he already is a legendary player. 

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