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BREAKING: Serie A suspends games due to Coronavirus

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After a major case of Coronavirus outbreak was reported in the North of Italy, Serie A decided to suspend three matches. 

The novel Coronavirus officially affected football for the first time on Saturday. Serie A has decided to suspend three matches on Sunday. After an announcement of a serious outbreak in the North of the country was announced, the federation had to take measures.

There is an emergency notice on three specific matches that won’t take place on Sunday until further notice. These games are Atalanta vs Sassuolo, Verona vs Cagliari, and Inter Milan vs Sampdoria. The initial report from several news outlets report that Italy already has a total of 79 confirmed cases and two deceased patients.

There are also an estimated 50,000 people isolated within the outbreak’s epicenter. The affected regions are Veneto and Lombardia in the North of Italy. With the level of contagion that this virus has. A massive football match is a recipe for disaster and the Italian government would have a pandemic on its hands.

Inter Milan announced the news a few hours ago via their official website through the following statement: “The Club can confirm that Inter vs. Sampdoria, which was due to take place at 20:45 CET on Sunday 23 February, has been postponed to a later date,” wrote Inter Milan’s communication department. 

Is the rest of the Serie A season in jeopardy? 

At this point in the season, to determine if the rest of the competition is in jeopardy is premature. We know that another massive outbreak in any other country other than China was a possibility. However, Italy wasn’t considered one of the places where this could happen until last Saturday.

The infected people so far are 46 in the Lombardia region, 11 in Veneto, three in Rome, and one in the city of Turin. This new development directly affects European football in the North of the country but it doesn’t jeopardize the South. FC Barcelona is set to travel to Naples this week to face Napoli.

The Serie A officials confirmed there is no danger of an outbreak in that city and the game is still happening. The North, however, is a very different story. Right now, all the Italian government wants is to contain this new problem as best as they can.

The less technological areas of the country are the ones that would be more affected by an outbreak. The world of football is looking at Italy to determine what could happen over the next couple of weeks. 

AC Milan may also be affected by the outbreak.

Given that the Coronavirus outbreak is happening in the North of Italy. AC Milan is another major club that will be directly affected by the issue. The Italian giants have a programmed Serie A match next week. They could also postpone it if things develop in a negative manner.

The Italian government decided to also suspend any other sports activity that involves getting masses together for the rest of the weekend. Pending on how this situation develops. Things could get considerably worse for all Italian clubs in the rest of the country.

We will do our best to keep you informed about what happens over the next few hours. If you live in the North of Italy, we urge you to listen to the authorities and stay as safe as humanly possible. We would hate it if this outbreak affected the whole world in a terrible manner.

Everybody needs to remain responsible for their own actions and avoid any type of hazardous behavior that could make matters worse. 

How long do you think the Italian Serie A will remain suspended in the North of Italy? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.