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Breaking: Sterling exiled from Montenegro game after the assault on Joe Gomez in training

Raheem Sterling, Manchester City, Premier League
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Raheem Sterling is considered as one of the leaders of the youth England movement looking to make an impact in Europe.

Sterling picked up a lot of frustrations on Sunday in a defeat against his former club, Liverpool.

It seems as if the emotions caught up with the speedy winger. He was involved in a training bust-up with Joe Gomez, the current Liverpool centre-back.

The duo clashed on Sunday, too, and according to reports from Daily Mail, team-mates had to separate them this time around.

Emotions were flying high in the England training. It looks like the national team picks up collateral damage from the clubs’ rivalries.

This is unusual behavior from Sterling. One of England’s best is making strides on the pitch with each passing match.

As a result of the training bust-up, City’s winger is now excluded from the squad for the Montenegro match.

Perhaps Southgate wants to send a message. Nobody is bigger than the team, even if that someone is Raheem Sterling himself.