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Brescia president Cellino takes dig at ‘childish’ Balotelli

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Mario Ballotelli has been branded as ‘childish’ by Brescia president Massimo Cellino who hinted he is no longer bothered about the current season.

Brescia owner Cellino has taken a cheeky dig at Mario Balotelli, calling his off the pitch activities ‘childish’.

Balotelli has seen a tough season at his hometown club, with the thought growing he could be leaving at the end of the season.

It remains to be seen whether the forward or any Brescia player would even be kicking a football again this season.

The former Leeds owner has been vocal from the onset about stopping the season. In his latest rant, he has hinted at a return to England while also making a comment on Balotelli.

“This is no longer my football, it has no future,” Cellino told TeleTutto as quoted by Football-Italia. “Being a President has become impossible. I can no longer accept being practically like the days of (Moggi-run agency) GEA. It’s like sitting at a poker table when your opponent is hiding cards up his sleeve and using fake money.

“I don’t even care anymore if we get back to playing, let them do what they want. It’s shameful that Italy is sitting here waiting for UEFA and Germany to give us pointers on what to do next. Let them just decide once and for all, but do it quickly.”

“I want a more equal football, not based on debts and virtual profit margins. I’ve got some money put away, so if things don’t change, I will go back to England.”

Asked about Brescia’s struggles this season, the 63-year-old covered a number of topics before speaking on Balotelli.

“I wanted Balotelli, but he proved himself to be too superficial and childish in his off-the-field attitudes. Let it be clear, we are not going into Serie B because of Mario, so it would be wrong and reductive to think that.

“If a child is impolite, the fault is of the parents, so we must not have dealt with him very well.”

As it stands, not just Balotelli’s future is uncertain but that of Brescia as well.