Brescia president leaves door open to Mario Balotelli

Massimo Cellino insists Sandro Tonali and Leonardo Morosini are not for sale, but he would like Balotelli on his team.

Brescia president Massimo Cellino spoke to Football Italia today to talk about transfer rumors.

First, he was clear to say Sandro Tonali and Leonardo Morosini are not for sale.

And then he added that controversial striker Mario Balotelli would be a good addition to his club.

“My Brescia needs to reinforce a little, not weaken, so we are not selling anyone,” he said firmly.

“We’ll bring in some players who can help us be even more competitive.”

“Brescia have a different president now, someone who pays the bills!” he added.

“I have not received any offers for Tonali and he is not for sale. You can’t play football with money.”

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He explained: “I’ve been in this business for 30 years, I’ve done my fair share of stupid things and I won’t do them again. That includes a sale with him loaned back out to Brescia.”

“Morosini has to do better and he will remain with us. We paid good money for him and he’s got to do more.”

Cellino was also asked about Stadio Rigamonti’s situation.

“We’re in deep ****. It’s totally stalled, we hope to be ready for the start of the season.”


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