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Bronze is sure Lionesses will win a trophy soon

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The England international believes the team is growing and it’s just a matter of time before they lift a title.

England women’s national team was kicked out of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France after losing 2-1 against the title-holders United States.

And for right-back Lucy Bronze, the defeat hurts, but it’s also an indication that the team can get better in the future as they look to lift a trophy soon.

“Of course it’s a disappointment, we wanted to win this World Cup, we came here to win this World Cup and we’ve fallen short,” the 27-year-old said to Goal.

“We wanted to make it to the final because we haven’t quite made it there but the fact that we’re consistently reaching semi-finals shows how immense this team is and the strengths of this team.”

“Now we’ve got [the Olympics] as Team GB next year and then we’ve got a home Euros,” she added.

“There’s so much ahead of us and we can really push on and I know for a fact that this team is going to win a trophy at some point.”

Bronze explained: “We’ve evolved from two years ago from the team that we were in the Euros.”

“We’re now playing football and to do that in such a short space of time is such a tribute to all the players that have featured in an England shirt.”

“The fact that we went completely 180 on the type of football that we tried to play before and now we’ve got to the semi-finals of a World Cup playing some nice football, scoring lots of goals, I’m super proud of us for doing that,” the defender concluded.