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Brother opens up on Ryan Giggs’ sex affair with his wife

Ryan Giggs, Wales
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Rhodri Giggs has spoken about the effect that Ryan Giggs’ affair with his wife has had on his life.

During his days playing for Manchester United, Ryan Giggs was accused of having an affair with his brother’s wife. Recently, Rhodri Giggs, Ryan Giggs’ brother, confirmed the speculation.

Recently, Rhodri Giggs revealed that it has been eight years since he has talked to either his brother or his wife. Moreover, the Manchester United legend’s brother said that he could not forgive Ryan Giggs for his wrongdoings.

“I found out on the day the papers put it out. Her mum came to my house at six in the morning,” Rhodri was quoted by Daily Star.

“It was a night of a United party and I was supposed to be meeting her and I was ringing her and she wasn’t answering. I thought “I’ll know where she’ll be.” I went to the party and she was in there.

“Six months down the line he said he’s going to do this, do that and then nothing has happened,” Rhodri explained.

“He expects me just to forget it and act like things are normal but no, I went to the papers and from that day they never spoke to me,” the former Man Utd player’s brother continued.

“I’ve got three children. One whose five who she’s never met and one who’s 13 who she hasn’t seen for seven or eight years. What have they done? They live a mile away.

“Ryan’s got a son who’s exactly the same age. These people should be mixing with each other and looking out for each other. But instead, they don’t even know each other. That’s the sad thing,” Rhodri Giggs revealed.