Bruce doesn’t want to lose Grealish

Tottenham Hotspur are still waiting for their first signing of this summer to be made and it is not a secret that they have been heavily interested in getting Jack Grealish.

However, Aston Villa coach Steve Bruce insisted that the Spurs will have to come with a way better offer to get their key player as nor the coach himself, nor the owner are willing to sell Grealish.

Bruce spoke about his key player as he said, according to Team Talk:

“I don’t want to lose Jack and neither do the owners. We don’t want to lose our best players but it’s football and it might happen.”

Tammy Abraham, Chelsea

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“The one thing we’re able to do is to be in a much better bargaining position because now if Spurs want to buy him, they will have to buy him at a premium that in the last few weeks they haven’t been able to get to.”

“Take money out of it, we’re in the Championship and Tottenham are in the Champions League so I’m aware that there is a human involved and a football player.”

“A football player always wants to play at the top. He’s a local lad who has done great.”

“Ever since I walked through the door it’s always been about Grealish one way or another and continues to be here.”


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