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Bruno Fernandes almost joined Tottenham this summer

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Portugal international Bruno Fernandes was almost ready to join the English Premier League but his move was blocked by Sporting Lisbon.

Sporting Lisbon footballer has been wanted by many different clubs lately.

And he was close to joining the English Premier League, as he was set to sign for Tottenham Hotspur this summer transfer window.

But the move was blocked by Sporting Lisbon.

“As you all know, Tottenham made a lot of proposals for me. Everything was right with me – or practically should be,” the 24-year-old was quoted by Sky Sports.

“I never made any big demands, my manager was always dealing with the financials. It was and is my goal to play in England, Sporting you know that everyone knows that, and there were conditions for things to be done.”

“But Sporting understood that the value was not enough and I have to respect the decision,” he added.

Sky Sports’ Portuguese football expert Felipe Dias “I have no doubt that Fernandes can thrive in the Premier League. This guy can play with and against the best of them.”

“I’ve been a journalist for 20 years and watched football for as long as I can remember – I have never seen a player do what Bruno Fernandes did last season.”

“We’re talking about an offensive center midfielder who scored 32 goals. Even in domestic Portuguese football and the Europa League, which admittedly isn’t the most glamorous, you cannot deny his talent,” he concluded.