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Buffon: My performances mean I can still play at a high level

Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus, Italy, Serie A
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Buffon still believes he can play at the top for a while and continues to get motivated by his performances.

Buffon might be 42 but is still aiming for longevity and says he can still play at the professional level for some time.

The veteran goalkeeper started in goal for Juventus in their 1-1 draw against Milan in the Coppa Italia.

Though he has been second fiddle to a much younger Szczensy, Buffon is still confident in himself and is delighted with the level of his performances.

Just recently, he boasted longevity by showing off some father and son collection and said he was aiming for their grand-children.

“My Performance? I’m happy because these games show you whether you have what it takes to keep playing,” Buffon said as he spoke to JTV after the game via ForzaItaliaFootball.

“I feel good, I enjoy it and I feel like I can still perform at a very high level.”

“This is important for me, the quality of the game I play, the quality of my work, if it’s still very high it gives me satisfaction and gives me the enthusiasm to continue.”

Should Buffon go on to be at Juventus next season, It would mean an illustrious career that has spanned the duration of four decades.

Truly top stuff that is.