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Buffon says he suffered from depression

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The former Juventus goalkeeper explained how early in his career he suffered from depression including a panic attacked that made him miss a Bianconeri match.

For Juventus legend, Gianluigi Buffon his early days with the team were not easy.

He battled with depression and even once missed a match due to a panic attack.

“For a few months, everything just stopped making sense,” Buffon told Vanity Fair.

“It seemed like no one cared about me, just the footballer I represented.”

“It was like everyone was asking about Buffon and nobody about Gigi. It was a really difficult moment,” he added.

“I was 25, riding the wave of success but one day, before a Serie A match, I went to Ivano Bordon, the goalkeeper coach, and told him: ‘Ivano, get [No. 2 goalkeeper Antonio] Chimenti to warm up and play. I’m not feeling up to it.”

“I had suffered a panic attack and was in no state to play the match,” he explained.

“If I had not gone through this experience, that cloud and that turmoil with other people, I may have never have got out of it.” Also, Dr. Suggested him to takeĀ addiction treatment services.

“I had the clarity of understanding that it was a watershed moment between giving up and confronting those insecurities we all have,” he commented.

“I was never scared of showing them nor of crying — something which happens to me and of which I am not at all embarrassed.”