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Bulgaria FA chief resigned over racist abuse scandal

Bulgaria, England
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Yesterday’s match between England and Bulgaria was full of racial abusive fans and the Bulgaria Football Federation head has resigned today.

During the 6-0 England win over Bulgaria, the game had to be stopped twice because of racist chants from the local fans.

And today the Bulgaria Football Federation boss, Borislav Mihailov, has left his job ashamed of what happened yesterday.

“Today the Bulgarian FA president Borislav Mihaylov has resigned from his position – his letter of resignation will be presented to the members of the FA’s Executive Committee at this Friday’s meeting,” a statement read according to Goal.

“After many years spent in the post and with his many contacts at a high international level, Mr. Mihailov expresses his firm readiness to continue helping in the development of Bulgarian football in every possible way.”

In a statement, Boyko Borissov said: “I urge Borislav Mihaylov to immediately resign as president of the Bulgarian Football Union!”

“After yesterday’s shameful loss of the Bulgarian national team and in view of the poor results of our football, I ordered the minister [of youth and sports] Krasen Kralev to terminate any relations with the Bulgarian Football Union, including financial ones, until Borislav Mihaylov’s resignation.”

“I also strongly condemn the behavior of some of those present at the stadium,” he added.

“It is unacceptable that Bulgaria, which is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, and [where] people of different ethnicities and religions live in peace, [is] associated with racism and xenophobia.”