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Burnley condemns “White Lives Matter Burnley” banner

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Burnley football club has publicly condemned the flyover of a banner at their game against Manchester City which read “White Lives Matter Burnley.”

Football and football players have almost unanimously backed the recent “Black Lives Matter” campaign against racial inequality.

Support has been displayed by clubs on their player’s shirts, as well as by the players themselves in the form of taking a knee in acknowledgment.

However, during yesterday’s match at the Etihad between Burnley and Manchester City, a plane made a flyover of the stadium displaying a banner reading “White Lives Matter Burnley.”

The culprits of the stunt have yet to be identified, but the banner was condemned by Burnley Ben Mee as embarrassing.

Now the Clarets chairman Neil Hart insists he will identify the guilty party or parties and they will no longer be welcome at the club.

He said:

“Burnley Football Club is opposed to any form of racism and discrimination of any kind.”

“As custodians of the club, we stand firmly behind the statement condemning the message flown over the Etihad Stadium on Monday night and are fully in support of the words of club captain Ben Mee, delivered after the match.”

“Black Lives Matter is a movement supported by all players in the Premier League and the league itself.”

“We at Burnley, therefore, stand firmly behind it and oppose anything that may appear to undermine or challenge such a positive message.”

“At Turf Moor, our overarching and prevailing club mantra is that Burnley FC is ‘One Club for All’.”

“The club operates a zero-tolerance stance on discrimination of any form at Turf Moor and is increasingly issuing lifetime bans for supporters that incite racism and hatred.”

“This punishment will also be meted out to those responsible for Monday’s regrettable incident.”