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Burnley ‘could lose £50m’ if Premier League season does not resume

Burnley FC v Manchester City - Premier League
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Burnley could be hit significantly in their finances if the Premier League season doesn’t resume, with possibilities they could lose as much as £50m.

Burnley could be negatively impacted financially if the Premier League season doesn’t resume.

As it stands, the league is suspended indefinitely and it remains to be seen whether or not the season will be completed.

There have been calls for the season to be voided but it could bring about some adverse effects, especially in terms of finances.

Many clubs across Europe have had to ask players to take pay-cuts and just yesterday, the Premier League also donated around £125m to the EFL and the National League just to help them cope with finances in this period.

And now, Burnley, a Premier League side, could lose as much as £50m if the current season doesn’t resume.

Lack of matchday revenue for the remaining four home games of their campaign would cost them around £5m, according to the club’s figures, if the season is cancelled or matches take place behind closed doors.

Burnley could also miss out on another £45m from TV revenue payments from the Premier League if the decision is taken to abandon the 2019/20 season entirely.

Burnley chairman Mike Garlick told the club’s official website: “It’s a completely unprecedented situation that we and other Premier League clubs face and which we could not have foreseen in any way only just a few weeks ago.

“It’s now not just about Burnley or any other individual club anymore, it’s about the whole football ecosystem from the Premier League downwards and all the other businesses and communities that feed from that ecosystem.