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Burruchaga blames Barcelona for Argentina’s failures

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Former Argentina international blames FC Barcelona for being harmful to football and for preventing Lionel Messi’s success with his country.

Only players like Jorge Burruchaga have been able to lift the FIFA World Cup for Argentina but they lack understanding of Lionel Messi.

Instead of looking back to their own country’s mistakes, they rather point their finger to the easiest target.

Burruchaga does what many impotent Argentineans tend to do in order to explain the reason Lionel Messi hasn’t been able to win the World Cup with his country.

There is a general misconception about FC Barcelona and the famous Tiki-Taka style of play that became famous over a decade ago.

This tendency to play offensive football by passing the ball all over the pitch is not a new concept.

In fact, there are several squads in football history that played in this manner and got the results they were expecting.

One of the very first squads in history that began this trend is the Brazilian National Team from the 1970 World Cup, they dominated that competition with ‘Jogo Bonito’.

Burruchaga is convinced that Argentina should’ve tried to use a different concept to help Messi win the coveted competition.

The former player spoke to Deportes La Nacion from Argentina about his idea of what the ‘Albiceleste’ should’ve done with Leo Messi.

“Argentine football’s first major mistake in the last years was saying that the national team should’ve played like Barcelona,” said the former Argentina international.

“Sometimes I joke about this but I’m dead serious when I say: Barcelona has been bad for football.”

“That squad from the Guardiola era was unique and it left an indelible mark.”

“Not everybody can play like that, but people come after you saying that you aren’t good for anything if you don’t try it.”

“They say that you don’t know how to play football if you don’t do the same Barcelona did during that era.”

“Lionel Messi is the best player in the world without question. The lad wants to win something with Argentina.”

“He knows that he is missing something very important in his career and he wants to fight for that.”

“He was very close to getting something three times, and you either get silver or shit in those circumstances.”

“The only thing missing from Messi’s career is a title with Argentina.”

“I don’t share that simple-minded way of thinking that it’s easy to play with the best because they are monsters.”

“Those fellas make you do a double effort. Because with those guys who are not from this world, you have to stay sharp throughout the whole game,” he concluded.

What Argentine should’ve done to help Messi

Instead of complaining about another club that found an ideal ecosystem for Messi to develop his talents, this is what Argentine football should’ve done.

AFA has some deep issues with player development from the very early stages of young footballers’ careers at club level.

Kids never get the same opportunities in Argentina and they suffer the same problems that a third-world country always goes through.

Instead of pointing the finger towards Barcelona and blaming Messi’s lack of success on someone else, they should’ve worked on a system.

Scouting the ideal players to surround Messi from a very early stage on his career was the best way to go about doing things.

You can’t tell us that such a vast country didn’t have the necessary midfielders within the youth system to play alongside Messi.

The corruption problems in AFA are the real reason that prevented Leo from winning his World Cup and it seems like the time might be too late for a new attempt.

The reality is very hard to digest for many Argentineans. Lionel Messi might retire as one of the best players in history without ever winning the World Cup for his country.

It’s sad but true, but it’s not Barcelona’s fault.

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