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Bury owner continues his tirade against the EFL

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According to Bury owner Steve Dale, the English Football League (EFL) has an agenda against the in-crisis club.

Bury doesn’t have permission to start the 2019-2020 Football League One season.

The club didn’t play their two opening fixtures against MK Dons and Accrington Stanley.

And it’s all because they are in the middle of a crisis, having zero financial security.

According to its owner, Steve Dale, the English Football League (EFL) has an agenda against the club.

“We’ve complied with everything they’ve asked for, they’ve come back now and they’ve tried to drag up the CVA and the PFA to make up another £1.6m they are requiring, but when you look at the business plan it’s not needed – that’s factual and we can 100 percent prove that,” he told talkSPORT.

“Clearly there’s an agenda here. We’re hearing rumbles in League Two that they’ve heard there might be another place for going up, so they’re actually counting us out.”

“All we’ve done is try to save a club.”

The owner explained: “They’re supposed to be looking after football clubs so, given that premise, all the things that happened to this club was the previous owner, so their gripe is with him, not the club!”

“The club is a dormant entity that doesn’t have a choice of who is in there and what it does. So when the previous owner left all that grief should have gone with him,” he said.

“They [the EFL] should not take it out on the club because the club had no control over what the previous owner was doing!”