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Butland: England will keep playing out from the back

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Despite some hairy moments during England’s 1-0 win over Switzerland, goalkeeper Jack Butland has insisted on trying to play out from the back.

Butland was responsible for two mistakes that almost led to a goal in the first half after coming in between the post in place of England first choice keeper Jordan Pickford.

However, England manager Gareth Southgate wants his players to start the build play from the back and Butland believes he has no problems with the ball on his feet. ESPN reports.

“It was scruffy at times, but we kept doing it, kept plugging away and ultimately we played from end to end a fair few times tonight and got ourselves some chances and some good possession as a result of it,” Butland said.

“It’s something that we believe in. We believe we’ve got the players to do it so we’re not just going to turn away from it if we don’t feel like it’s right.

“Yes, we still need to make the right decisions — there are times when you can overplay and times when the ball needs to go longer and a bit safer — but it’s about making those decisions and I thought we did that as a whole pretty well tonight.”